Friday, September 6, 2013

Facebook delays new privacy policy

2. Category: Privacy

3.  Level: National

4. This is a problem that faces individuals with Facebook profiles.

5. Facebook recently released a statement explaining they were going to update the privacy policy by saying that they will get more information from their users such as their names and profile pictures to be used for advertisers. They delayed the date that the policy was to take effect to consider user comments.

6. We all know that Facebook uses our personal information and tracks what we click on to obtain information for advertisers. It’s nothing new but they want to add names and profile pictures onto the pile of information already being obtained from profiles. It’s like being violated. Granted, Facebook is online and everything you put online is out there for people to see but I believe it’s being taken to another level when they are planning to use pictures and names. This site is to connect with people we may not see all the time or just to be social and make friends. I’m glad that they are taking the time to review what users think about it and hopefully enough people will be against it and they reconsider the new policy. I also think there should be online privacy laws to help protect people keep some of their personal information from being misused. At this point, when they want to take more information, the government should help regulate what information can be used and for what. 

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  1. I agree! I use Facebook, not as frequently as others, and I do not want my name and profile picture associated with other information already being taken out. It is being violated, you have no privacy when your name is being taken along with your face (profile picture). I do think that the government should step in and regulate what the advertisers should be allowed to use.