Friday, September 6, 2013

SMCISD personnel tackle additional security training


2. Category: Public Schools

3. Level: Local

4. Article concerns: San Marcos CISD provides personnel with additional security training due to the increase of intruder alerts and school bus hijackings.

5. With the number of school intruders and bus hijackings increasing, it is almost crucial that the SMCISD staff receive security training. The safety and security of not only the students, but also the staff is most definitely a priority to the school district and they are taking the extra steps needed to train their staff in the case that they are faced with these problems. In addition to other security measures that are already in place, the staff received training on how to disarm an intruder and get their students to a safe area. The training was put in place so that the teachers/bus drivers will not feel helpless if an incident should arise. The approach to having safe schools in the district is taking full throttle and demonstrates the care/concerns for students, faculty and their families.

6. This is a good step for San Marcos to ensure that their students and faculty are safe. Having them take part in this training was a great way to help make their staff feel more safe and secure within their position for the district. The fact that they took the additional step, shows that they are pushing forward in making their schools more safe for everybody. I think that this training should be provided to all districts.

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