Friday, September 20, 2013

U.S Warns of Frauds Tied to Health Care Law

 U.S Warns of Frauds Tied to Health Care Law

1. Pear, Robert. (2013, September 18). U.S Warns of Frauds Tied to Health Care Law.  The New York Times.

2. Category of problem: Consumer/Identity Thief

3. Level of Problem: National

4. The article concerns: With the new marketplace exchanges, con artist are taking advantage of the confusion of the new insurance policies and taking peoples identity by asking for personal information through sales tactics.

5. Why is this important to individuals?
It is very important for individuals to know the risk at stake when looking into the marketplace. I know this is very common tactic con artist are doing, because I have received various phone calls and text about asking for my identity. It is more so important because those who are confused as to what the new marketplace entails, they can be lead into a wrong "enrollment tactic" and give away their information. People should be aware of the correct insurance counselors to help those who are confused as to where the marketplace can be correctly educated about.

6. What are your views on the issue?
It really frightens to know that there are already issues about fraud in the marketplace when it has not even opened up yet. I try to keep updated as possible about the new exchanges taking place and to know that there is this issue at hand can cause such chaos. Being that I have personally received phishing scams through text messages on my phone, only makes me wonder how much con artist are at an advantage to getting information by posing as insurances. I really hope the House Committee takes severe action as to how to eliminate the problem of con artist trying to take advantage of the marketplace.

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