Friday, September 6, 2013

Local nonprofit kicks off statewide school attendance campaign

Local Nonprofit kicks off statewide school attendance campaign

1. Weldon, Kelli. (2013, September 4). Local Nonprofit kicks off statewide school attendance campaign.Community Impact Newspaper. 

2. Category of problem: reinforce importance of students attending class

3. Level of problem. Local

4. The article concerns. Nonprofit campaign, E3 Alliance, helps Central Texas Schools find ways to help students increase their awareness of importance for attending classes and the benefits throughout the whole districts. 

5. Why is this important to families/individuals or how does it affect families/individuals. 
The E3 Alliance is very important for families with children in school, because it helps students see various aspects on why attending school is beneficial in their school career. The campaign uses social media and games to implement the idea of attending school with increase the likelihood of going to college. During middle school and high school years those are the most critical times to attend school at all times. E3 advocates to the families that students attending determines the school's funding. With students increasing attendance helps with involvement at school and extra curricula activities.  

6. What are your views on the issue/policy?
My view on the E3 Alliance is all in favor. I feel that if student understand the importance of attending school will increase the likelihood of always being present for class. The awareness should help implement the idea of wanting to go to college, because the attendance in college is just as important. The benefit helps within the whole districts and not just students. The funding come from a majority of school attendance, something so minor but very important. Overall the campaign is great advocate to keep students engaged in school and help with their education as a whole. 

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  1. I have to agree with this. If they really showed that they care for the education of students and really show them how it can benefit them then students will understand that their attendance is a crucial part of their lives. This could also lead to a decrease in school dropouts and an increase in graduates. If students can get through high school then they can make college an option and make for a better future. And if the majority of funding comes from students attending then that's just an all around plus for everybody. If students know that their attendance can make a difference for everybody it can help them feel like they are really making a difference. Our future starts with these students and they need to have the best start.